How to charge LIR 1220 batteries

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    I have ordered a few rechargable replacement batteries for my EZ Flash 3in1 (LIR 1220), stupidly all of them had no power left when they arrived, so I need to charge them. Thing is, I don't know how. Do they get charged if I solder them to the 3in1, put the 3in1 in my DS lite and power it on? If yes, how many hours till they are fully charged?
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    3in1 will not charge them, because if you would put a non rechargeable battery it would be a problem...
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    Zero hours, the 3in1 was designed to use a non rechargable battery.
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    I recall someone taking a look at this once, it might have boiled down to a diode.

    Charging batteries is also an odd game -- one does not just apply Voltage and hope for the best. For some chemistries, including the lithium thing you are probably looking at, you can have your batteries get a reasonable lifetime by just applying their output Voltage. Doing as such will see them die sooner and if you let them get low then they probably will not come back (see deep discharge). To that end it might well be as simple as applying said Voltage, and may even just amount to bypassing a diode, however my leaning in this case is more towards "if you have to ask".