How to change the name on save icon?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by sr_corsario, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. sr_corsario

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    Jun 11, 2008

    I was testing a Kustom Mario Kart and ... well ... i changed ID using WiiPartitionBinChanger (Sr Dack program) in order to get a new save file (because i want my "original" Mario Kart records on a different file) And well ... it works!! I got two differents save icons but bouth with the same mane... for instance... I dont know with one is the "original"!!!

    I did a custom savebanner.tpl (at the first tests didnt work) in order to know wich is wich... however... the best should be to change the save icon name. (Mario Kart Wii) It will be easyest to diference between bouth. Moreover... savemanager (Waninkoko program) find the save files... but with the same name... obviouslly when select them and see ID in hex values could get the difference...

    Well... my question is...

    Where could i change the "save file name" on Wii ISO file?

    Mmmmm... in order to be clear... i don want to change Game ID or game name... i want to change save name!

  2. linkinworm

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    usualy the game will change it back to its original name again, did on my games anyway
  3. Krestent

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    Indiana Pwns doesn't
  4. nikeymikey

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    Nov 19, 2008
    Also the singitstar customs dont change it back.
  5. giantpune

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    it really depends on the game. some games actually have a banner.tpl and a icon.tpl right there on the ISO. you can just change that and when the game creates a different save, it will use the new image. for other games, you can play the game, let it make a save, then dump the save. you can then make a new set of images for it, and convert them to tpl and manually insert them into the dumped banner. then reinstall that banner in the wii.

    i think that once a game sees a save banner on the wii, it doesnt bother to write that icon again when it saves data. but i could be wrong about that.

    as far as the new images, you get 1 image for the banner and either 1 or 8 images for the square icon that you see in the data management. you can see the name at 0x20 in the banner.bin in the save data. inside the ISO, i believe that the save name is stored in the main.dol. you would need to patch that probably.
  6. sr_corsario

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    Jun 11, 2008
    Thanks to all for your answers.

    However... at least for me is not clear.. xD obviouslly we cant find the game name in the opening.bnr but thats the name displayed on frond panel. And ... yes ... we can find the save name when we copy the save into SD (Hex editing), but where it comes from? I suppossed (as giantpune) the save name could be on main.dol (something similar on vc games if my memory is fine)but i cant find it! :'(

    Thanks to all again for your help.

    Edit:Im not able to find it on main.dol ... and im thinking ... it could be in some compressed. if not, it dont have any sence i cant find it using hex shearch!! $%&$&/((/!!!!!