How to change a patch of a transalation?

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    Hi, y'all. It's me again, but now i know what happend with the Zelda Majora's Mask injection. That's because i was making with the 1.0 version. And the ROM inside the WAD is the 1.1, so probaly the emulator have the structure to run properly this version. The problem is that the patch of the transalation was made for the 1.0. Anyone here knows how to adapt this patch to the 1.1 version? Or at least can teach me? I not lazy at all. And it's hard to make contact with the originals authors of the patch since the project it's too old.
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    Though it would be far from impossible to port a patch to a different version it would be an actual project and figuring out what went wrong with the injection emulator would be the better approach -- the game likely would not have changed that radically.

    However what might well be the problem is not v1.1 and v1.0 issues but that patches for games often used emulator specific functionality and so might not work on hardware or other emulators. Here it then would be a matter of porting things around.

    The project would look much like a translation patch but with the added bonus of whatever changes were made between the original ROM and the original patch was the changed data, likewise there should be a project in some language for the 1.1 version. Here if you can see what changed you then just have the issue of porting the text, font and pointers over. For that you really are going to want to understand basic text hacking, fortunately basic text hacking is one of the more common things to do in hacking so there is a lot to guide you here. The GBA/DS in my signature will do, is good and there are an awful lot of great hackers coming out of your country. is the main site that I have seen for Brazilian Portuguese hacking, afraid I do not read Portuguese so I can not vet the tutorials but looking at the pictures and guessing says they use all the right tools and all the right methods.