how to burn a filmFRAGMENT to ---> Dvd

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    Jun 11, 2008
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    could somebody tell me HOW ?

    I have Nero 8 on my pc and Imgburn ... when i go to the file i want to burn there is an option : burn but when i click on that (usually nero opens and offers to burn) nero wont open and its just copying to the disc .. ?


  2. kobykaan

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    Aug 27, 2007

    need more information what exactly are you trying to do !? ...

    ...burn a sample or a part of a dvd to disk or an avi/xvid/divx (compressed video format) to dvd to watch on a dvd player??

    file type firstly ?? what type of file is it ?? ...

    there are many types ...

    secondly most formats can be converted to dvd with CONVERT X TODVD the trial period should suffice a test [​IMG]

    this will create either a burnable iso that you can burn with IMGBURN or VIDEO_TS files which you can then burn in NERO as a VIDEO DVD [​IMG]

    there are a million other convertors out there but for me CONVERT X does the job for me everytime [​IMG]

    if the file type is .mpg or .mpeg then the dvd player should be able to play these with no conversion just burn as a data disk (even a cdr would work in this case)

    if they are .vob Files they are native dvd file formats again the dvd player should be able to read them!

    if the format is .FLV or ripped from the internet or Youtube etc then they need converting to .avi or other format that something like CONVERT X can handle!

    let me know what format you are trying to burn/convert then I can help you more!