1. Pepsi-Man

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    does any know how to have/make an ftp on your own computer not those host things but those ftp's that when i turn on my computer you can access the ftp & when i close my computer you can get in my ftp, does any one know how to build one?
  2. gunner6666


    Oct 24, 2002
    United States
  3. Pepsi-Man

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    well befor i check to see if i got a reply [​IMG] i went & got serv-U, can i use this for my own ftp? if so how cause at the moment i feel like throwing the computer of the bridge [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Pepsi-Man

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    now im using Guild FTPd, like you said, i got it up & running now how do i give people access & restricions?

    PS- thanks for telling me about the program [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. gunner6666


    Oct 24, 2002
    United States
    well im not sure how to use it. i just heard they were good for what u wanted
  6. serpent

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    pepsi i use G6FTP i can help u all u want with that I'M sending u a PM discussing this

  7. ivwshane

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    Just use serv-u, it is one of the best ftp servers out there.

    Download and install serv-u

    The quickest way by far to set up the initial domain and user account is by using the Setup Wizard. The Wizard will automatically kick in the first time the Administrator program is started. While use of the Setup Wizard is not a requirement (you can cancel out of it), there is little reason not to use it. Anything set up by the Wizard can be changed later. The Setup Wizard will ask a series of questions:

    Enable small images with menu items

    Unless you are visually impaired and using a screen reader there is nothing to loose by choosing ‘Yes’. This will make the Administrator program show small images with most of the menu items, which makes navigating through the menus easier.

    IP Address

    The IP address is a set of 4 small numbers separated by dots that uniquely identify your computer on the network. Serv-U can merely use the IP address(es) assigned to your PC, it cannot change them. Your Internet Service Provider is usually the person that assigns an IP address to your computer. Unless you know exactly what IP address you want to use for your FTP server the best answer here is to leave the entry blank. This will make Serv-U use whatever IP address(es) is/are available on your PC.

    Install as system service (Windows 9x/ME only)

    Answering ‘Yes’ to this question will make the server start automatically as soon as the computer is started and it will continue to run even when users log out and back in to Windows. If you answer ‘No’ you have to start the server yourself each time you log in to Windows. On NT and Windows 2000 Serv-U is automatically installed as a system service.

    Domain name

    Enter any descriptive name of your choice to identify your FTP server/domain by. If you have an IP name assigned to your PC like "ftp.cat-soft.com" that would be a good choice.

    Allow anonymous access

    Anonymous FTP users are a special category: They log in using the account name "Anonymous" and use their E-mail address as the password. If you want to allow anonymous access answer ‘Yes’, otherwise ‘No’.

    Anonymous home directory

    Every FTP user account needs to have a directory where users are placed when they log in, that is called the ‘home directory’. Enter the complete path including drive letter where you want anonymous users to be placed. For example "c:\ftp\anonymous". Make sure this directory is a real, existing path.

    Lock anonymous users in their home directory

    Generally this is something you want to do: It hides the real path from the users and only shows them "/" as their home directory.

    Create named account

    This question lets you create a non-anonymous user account, i.e. an account where the FTP user has to type a name and password to log in. Answer ‘Yes’ if you want a named account.

    Account login name

    This is the user name the FTP user should enter to log in to the account.


    The password the FTP user should enter to log in to the account

    Home directory

    Enter a full path name including drive (or a UNC path) where the user should be placed immediately after logging in. This should be an existing directory on your PC.

    Lock the user in the home directory

    If you are setting up a named account for yourself you will want to answer ‘No’ to this question. If the account is for others then ‘Yes’ may be more appropriate.

    Account admin privilege

    This determines how this account can be used to do remote administration through the Serv-U Administrator program. If you are setting up this account for yourself, by all means, make it ‘System Administrator’, the highest level of administrative privilege. Otherwise it is probably a good idea to leave it at ‘No Privilege’.

    After all this, let the Wizard do its magic and you should be looking at domain with one or two new user accounts. Simply click on the account names in the left panel to make changes. Especially important is to take a look at the Dir Access tab in the right panel for the user account. The Wizard has set up default access rules for the account: For the Anonymous account this specifies read-only access of the home directory and the directories below it, for the named account it specifies full access. This is all, you are done! Now try using your freshly created accounts on your server with your favorite FTP client program!

    Serv-U Help - Copyright © 1995-2001 Cat-Soft, All Rights Reserved
  8. ivwshane

    OP ivwshane Newbie

    Manual Setup

    You did not listen, thought you can do better than the Setup Wizard, and canceled out of it, and are now looking at an almost empty left panel of the Administrator program with only ‘>’ showing. How to proceed? Here’s a quick step-by-step tutorial to create an anonymous account:

    · Double-click on ‘>’ in the tree on the left side. This should start the FTP server Engine and expand the tree.

    · Click on ‘Domains’ in the tree on the left side.

    · From the menu select "Domains | New Domain".

    · Do not enter anything for the IP address, unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing, just click ‘Next’.

    · Enter a descriptive name for ‘Domain name’, anything will do. Then ‘Next’.

    · Unless you are sure, do not change the port number, leave it at 21, click ‘Next’.

    · No changes for the ‘Domain type’ either, click ‘Next’.

    · You now have a brand-new domain. Double-click on it to expand the tree.

    · Click on ‘Users’ in the tree on the left side.

    · From the menu select "Users | New User".

    · Type "Anonymous" for the ‘User name’. Click ‘Next’.

    · Enter the full directory including drive letter where you want anonymous users to be placed immediately after logging in. Say it is "c:\ftp\anonymous", enter this and hit ‘Next’.

    · Stay with ‘Yes’ for ‘Lock user in home directory’, hit ‘Next’.

    · You now have a user account named ‘Anonymous’. Start using it!

    Serv-U Help - Copyright © 1995-2001 Cat-Soft, All Rights Reserved
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