How to backup saves in 3in1?

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    Complete noob here. I have the most recent 3in1 (noted 3in1Pls by Exploader) and I play Pokemon Sapphire patched with GBATA on NOR mode. I'm just curious on how I can backup my saves? Should I do "Write SRAM to SAV file" or "Backup whole SRAM to SRAM.BIN"?

    IIRC, when I did the Backup whole SRAM to SRAM.BIN, when I inserted my MicroSD on my PC, I saw a .BIN file and I thought that that is the backup file for my saves.

    Also, a difference between those two options will be appreciated.
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    commands are listed in a box on the bottom screen.

    in this format

    (button) command

    dumping to BIN is dumping the whole 2Mbit save space, even any junk data.

    use the backup to sav file, it is smaller and doesn't carry junk data with it.