How to back up memory card saves from PS1 and PS2

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    I have both a fat grey PS2 and a slim model.
    I'd like to back up both my PS1 and PS2 memory cards, but have no clue where to start.
    I read that there are memory card to USB adapters, but I cannot find any webshop that sells them, Ebay also does not have them.
    Would (soft) modding one of my PS2's be an option to extract my save files?
    If so, what soft mod option would be my best bet?
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    Please, don't use USB adapters.
    I bricked one of my memory card with one of these devices.
    Softmodding your PS2 is a better option. You can access card's content and transfer them to an attached USB device.

    I don't know if softmodding is possible an a slim PS2 :(
    you need to search more information on "Free MC Boot".
    This is a program which will edit one of your PS2 memory card to add a booter.
    After the install, If that card is inserted when booting the console it will launch homebrew instead of your original PS2 menu.

    There are homebrew to managed the files on memory card and usb.

    I had some difficulty to get enough information to install and use freemcboot, but it's easy. you will need an already hacked PS2 for that, someone can maybe do it for you.
  3. Santaros

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    Oct 5, 2013
    It can be done as long as you can run backups or if you have access to somebody who can, The only exception as I understand it is the 9xxx series slims. Take a look here:

    I got mine installed via a modified MGS3, take a look here [this does require you to have the original disc]. It doesn't have to be Agent Under Fire.

    Be warned that it's fairly involved if you decide to do it yourself from scratch. Making me dredge up some old stuff here ;). Here's a link to an excellent site for various ps2 apps and the like. The media player [I think I mean SMS here] is actually surprisingly good and can run 960x540 videos without a hitch in most cases, actually better than the Wii for that purpose.
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    There was a thread here awhile back that showed how to set up freehdboot for the phat ps2 with a IDE drive and a network adapter, its how I modded my ps2 but the compatibility is iffy and its kinda hard to find IDE HDDs now. But yeah if you use freemcboot or freehdboot, you can copy saves easily to and from memory cards.
  5. paulie

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    Thanks for all you guys your help!
    Really appreciated.
    I think I do have several old IDE drives lying around, but I'm unsure if they still work; also I do not have a network adapter on the phat PS2, me and my brother swapped PS2s and I now have the one without network adapter and I think he got rid of my old one.
    I think finding someone with a memory card with freemcboot is my best option.
    That or buying one on Ebay, I saw people selling them there, unfortunately not one in Europe, but I will keep looking.
    I am in no hurry to finish this project, but at least I now have some good leads on what to do
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    I just use freemcboot to load into ulaunch then transfer the game saves to a usb stick.
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    Yes, ulaunchelf is the best way. Scroll down to the context menu. It'll explain the mcpaste option. Use that.