How to add subtitles to my Divx files.

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    I could do the same with PS3 with a program called AVIaddSubtitle that could add up to 8 files to an Divx, wondered if there is a way for 360.

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    divx as in the mpeg4 SP/ASP video or divx as in the container?

    Also what method are you using (USB stick, WMP streaming, MCE streaming or streaming via windows server)?

    I will assume USB stick for now.
    If it is plain avi then the proper versions (which it seems is what the xbox only supports) does not support soft subs, you will have to hardsub it. I usually use avisynth and fire it through a command line encoder or megui but that is probab
    the divx container is a hacked version of AVI (you can rename it and it will usually work) but the extra stuff is apparently not supported (using their November '07 video faq which is the latest I could find and I have not heard of any updates on that front).

    Basically it is hardsubbing or nothing, the following thread is a bit old but nothing has changed other than program versions:
    If you want a more complex route then I will see what I can sort out for you.