how to add my own subtitle to a DVD? no divx

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    Sep 8, 2006
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    i have a DVD disc which i want to play with my own subtitle file, what program does this?
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    Did you try VSO?
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    First, most players will allow external subtitles to be played during playback which means you can dodge a bullet to begin with.

    Failing that Directvobsub has the ability, open the settings menu and click the general tab. At the bottom will be a "loading" option, force loading. Back in the main tab select subs of choice and you are away.

    FFDshow (what most people use for decoding video on Windows) has the option but it does not decode DVDs (more specifically probably should not be used to decode DVDs). None the less it is possible, disable all that you use (post processing and the like and under codecs enable raw video (all supported).
    Under subtitle you can choose what you want although it will take some tricky naming to pull off if you have a menu and extras type DVD.

    DVDSubber can overlay stuff if for some reason you do not like directvobsub:
    It can get a bit troublesome with some older graphics cards/drivers or ones that do not conform to directX/windows APIs very well but you should be OK for the most part.

    If however you want to make a DVD with them in read on.
    DVD subtitles are essentially a long stream of pictures unlike your subtitle files you usually find which are text, some formatting and timings.
    I assume you have the usual one two combo or subrip and subtitle workshop (both freeware and both fantastic), if not grab them:

    First: conversion to DVD format.
    There are several apps but I like SubtitleCreator as it interfaces with my preferred DVD tools.

    I also suggest you pick up a copy of DVDsubedit: It may not be of much use here (unless you find you messed up and need to quickly tweak something) but if you plan on doing anything nice with DVD subs (anime subs are a good one) I highly suggest it (it can alter colours (I really despise the yellow small font some subbing companies use), position and displayed text for one).

    Anyway back on track you need DVD compatible subs, open SubtitleCreator and either hit express mode, go through the DVD authoring quality subs or wing and just save as sup right off the bat.
    Now you should have some sup files you can feed into your favourite authors apps such as rejig, ifoedit, muxman (and the command line fontend batchmux).
  4. test84

    test84 GBAtemp's last ninja 2.

    Sep 8, 2006
    Iran, Tehran.
    thnx for ur answer.