Hacking How to activate PSN packages withoup PSN account on the console?


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Dec 28, 2018
As the title said.
How do i activate PSN packages, without PSN account on the console?

i bought the console with HEN on it and without PSN account.

So i installed some PSN game and when i tried to run it, it shows this (open the "spoiler"):

So the way i understood is that i need a RAP file on my USB or on PS3's HDD on root, in "exdata" folder, and with HEN activated it does this on the fly.
However, it does nothing for me, i have a correct RAP file for corresponding game in both Flash USB (right slot) and on PS3's HDD...nothing happens,
it just trow me that scree up there as soon as i click installed game.

What should i do?
I don't really want to re-hack my PS3 or sign in to PSN.
IS there any other way to do it, without actually Logging in to PSN account or creating a new one, or re-hacking my PS3?

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  • Skelletonike @ Skelletonike:
    Although in most systems these days physical is pretty shitty since it requires installation.
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Series s can still do 1440p fine I just can't argue spending double over a few extra games you'll hardly notice
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    Fps in games anyway
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    I like physical
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    I dislike digital only when most games are cheaper physical.
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    And with this sale the different is only 50€ to the series s
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    Depends you can get a VPN and buy Argentina codes like half the cost
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    Id need to use another account though iirc.
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    I like having all my games in one account.
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Nah just set your VPN and use redeem.microsoft it's been working for me
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    Anyway, series x seems to be compatible with 360, so I could play all my games there.
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    I was thinking about the ps5 but only reall exclusive I'm interested in is FFXVI
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    and gamepass is nicer than sony's option
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    but dunno...
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    Theirs not enough exclusives for ps5 especially since they're realizing PC sells
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    FFXVI will probably follow suit too
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    If Delta was an exclusive I'd probably buy a ps5 but nah
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  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Mgs remake
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    Ah, MGS?
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    yeah, took me a sec there
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    All those years of anti scalpers and when consoles are finally back in stock everything's getting a PC port lol
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    is wild hearts any good? it seemed pretty promising but dunno
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