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    yes another game break/fuck up tutorial

    step 1
    clear any 17 levels in a world and beat the boss
    this is a really easy one to do

    step 2
    enter a level with a warp zone
    this is avery time consuming step unless your good with rng
    you want to just die aot untilbroken bandage girl appears
    she wont unless you already cleared the worlds boss stage

    step 3
    once you get the -1 stage do not beat it
    just use all 3 lives
    once your done it will take you to the map
    but you wont be on the negative stage
    you will be on a invisible stage
    its the warp zone but you can now access it without unlocking it
    you can now collect the bandages without actually clearing the warpzone

    this doesnt break the game but its an interesting little thing i found when i accidentally deleted my save a while back
    you can do inin the dark world or the light world and even if you already have the negative stage unlocked you can do this

    i also attempted to make a video tutorial because i finally got a screen recorder somewhat functioning

    really bad quality because i have it streaming to my phone to record it
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