[How-To] 3DS in "Incognito" mode with GodMode9

Discussion in '3DS - Tutorials' started by phalk, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. EQQ

    EQQ Member

    Jan 6, 2018
    This incognito mode "may" help but as long as you configure spotpass to not send info and no auto download plus not sharing games with friends as explained on 3ds.guide what truly matter to stay safe is to not activate information shared to nintendo (some games give you a prompt) and keep spotpass disabled on every single game.
    And stay far from miiplaza.Do not go online with custom made cias ( like a translation).
    Also delete and never use a nnid. Nnid keeps a log of everything happening on the 3ds.
    Follow those steps should be enough to use the 3ds safetly without disabling wifi on every use of an homebrew and play online peacefully.
    A game pretend spotpass/nnid to go online? Get rid of it and find better games to stay safe
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  2. appeltje_eitje

    appeltje_eitje Advanced Member

    Aug 14, 2014
    I putted the incognito mode on it keeps showing what i have been playing and i turned it off and looked in my activity log and 4 febr - 4 march is empty no staps and no playtime 5 march open source eshop clone, download play, fbi,sys.settings,eshop,hblauncher-loader,pokemon gold, ????????,??????????,????????,dsp1,friendlist,mii park,6 march open source eshop clone and more, 7 march open source eshop clone and more,8 march activity log only,today is empty.. how can i delete 5-6-7 march ???
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