Question How should I post a mod/patch that contains copyrighted music files?

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    Apr 2, 2015
    It's a music mod for Super Meat Boy, which replaces the new music with the original music from the PC release and the other old releases, since a lot of people don't like the new music in the newer releases. Problem is that I'm just posting a bunch of probably copyrighted game music files. Can I put the link in a pastebin then post that pastebin or something like that? Or is it just impossible to post that here without violating the rules?
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    Jun 23, 2018
    I would love to know how to do this! (Own both releases). How deep into "hacking" territory does this go? (E-Shop ban chance?) Is it on the same level of getting into homebrew menu and using checkpoint or is this on the whole, Install XCI and NSP files level? Since I would think that would trigger Nintendo more.
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    you cant post it here.
    no way - not even with pastebin or something like that:

    maybe you should just post a tutorial instead.
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    In Soviet Russia you're the Location
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    Apr 2, 2015
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    potentially, put the link down in a pastebin and give stupidly obvious clues as to how to identify the right pastebin with a google search
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    too late, it's gone.
    I guess nobody reported it until now. unless he created the files, in that case I'll restore that link. At least, he explained the steps to do it yourself.

    You can't post or link to something you didn't create yourself.
    being the file itself, or a patch to apply to an existing package or file.

    that's the problem of undub patches, most of them just provides extracted files from japanese version to replace into other versions.
    the proper way to do it is to explain how to extract the file from the source, and how to put them in the target.
    creating scripts to automate the extraction/replacement is fine to share here.

    if you think people don't like Super meat boy music, make a tutorial to explain how to replace them with any other files people might prefer. no need to provide PC version, maybe people don't like that either and would like even other sound files.

    thank you for asking here and taking care of the forum rule before doing it.
    sorry that it's not an easy to release method.

    at worse, some people did 3DS undub by posting their package on another website, and gave a hint (not a link) to what to look for on google. another forum's thread name, for example, or a package filename.
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    Apr 2, 2015
    woops. I guess I could make a script to extract and encode everything, I don't want to make things too complicated for the downloaders but I'll see.
    I was thinking of posting it somewhere else but it's not like there's one important Switch piracy forum or site like there was for 3DS.

    I'm trying to do this, though the pastebin isn't showing up in the search. Guess I'll wait a while and maybe it'll get indexed.
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    You make it into an xdelta patch.
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    That would still not solve the problem of it including copyrighted data.

    Really. The only way is to make a script or tool that will extract data from the source, modify it as necessary and insert it into the game you want to play (possibly modifying that if necessary).

    If it is a simple affair you can describe in a paragraph or so (extract this game, rename these files, overwrite these files, reassemble Switch game sort of thing) then those not on the systems you have the tools for (and for some reason "android is my only device" people are not uncommon around here) then a quick text guide can hopefully make it happen for them too. Also works for those times you might want to do variable patches where select things are changed (voices left alone but music changed for example) but others remain the same.