how safe of an update block is it to set my DNS settings on my wiiu to gibberish?

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  1. namad

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    Sep 1, 2015
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    don't auto-obtain then manually set the dns server to my computer's local ip address? (which is not running any sort of dns whatsoever)?

    it seems to be working right now but the wiiu won't find a way around this will it? (by auto-obtaining a dns later?)

    I see people suggesting TubeHax for wiiu but when I google it .... tubehax was only for 3ds?
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  2. Logan Pockrus

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    Jan 1, 2016
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    Enter into both fields, and Nintendo servers are magically blocked! Meaning, no updates! Don't stress about "tubehax only being for the 3ds", the DNS server ( blocks Nintendo update servers, henceforth not allowing updates.