how powerful does my wifi need to be in order to game stream to my tablet??

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    I have been using remotr to stream skyrim and danganronpa 2 to my kindle and I have been getting a lot of lag relating to wifi (my laptop runs the games just fine) my router is a sagecom router that was given to us by the cable company and its connected to an extender on top of the office desk... and I get lag from sitting in the living room which is 5-10 feet away from the office... and my laptop is in my room which is literally next to the living room... I don't understand why I'm getting so much lag just moving around...
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    Replace your router, ISP issued routers are usually crap. Get an 802.11ac class router if you can
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    Also make sure your extender is decent. Latency is generally caused by the weakest link in the communication chain. Also try to reduce any devices that can cause interference.

    You need to check the network conditions for each hop in the chain. PC to router, to extender, to your kindle device.
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