Question How often are promotion codes given?

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    May 27, 2016
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    I was on playstation store to buy a game and before i checked out it asked for discount codes. I was wondering how often are discount codes for any kind of services are given? Also i wanted to know are they documented news here or not? I think maybe they should be, just to allow people to know of any deals or discounts.

    Does anyone know how long this discount code option has been available? Cause i don't know when this started or if other services like xbox live, or steam or nintendo network or even mobile android/ios have such things. To be clear, i am not talking about a code given to obtain a game or credit money value to your account, such as like how some report staff here gets codes to download game without first inserting money into said account service. I mean a code that reduces total purchase of items at time of checkout. Or simply a cupon.