How much is a Ds lite and a Dstt card worth?

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    Hi, I am planning on selling my Ds Lite with a case and a dstt card including an adapter for the computer and 2gb sd card. I was wondering how much I should sell it for.

    Sorry if this isn't the right section.
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    Alright well let's break it down.

    On Amazon the DS Lite (used) is about $70. You may edit this price depending on the custom case and how durable & reliable it is.

    A DSTT is worth about no more than $5 (that's pushing it so I'd value used at about $3).

    A 2GB card can be valued at about $7 so if used & NOT a generic brand I'd value it at about $5.

    That's just my opinion. So that bundle would be about $78. This price may vary due to the custom case.
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    The post above me is correct, but if you want to be a dick you can easily sell it for over $100