how much corruption of G6 is considered normal?

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    how long usually does it take for you to encounter corruption in G6?

    today and yesterday it happens again, no matter how GOOD i behave to my G6, it corrupts again doesent get recognized by pc.
    and intresting part was that when i cleard contacts, it worked again, i wanted to do the delete format (MPUTILITY) but i tried blow yesterday and it worked, today it happened again and i tried cleaning its contacts and it worled.
    what do u think? what dirts the contacts? ds or u-dist loader? should i use mputility? do u think it will get corrupted again?

    i made another topic, plz check if these problems are related.

    gosh, i H.A.T.E. it.

    (plz dont tell me to read the faq, i'm familiar with this problem, i'm searching to see that how much corruption is considered and should i worry or not since no matter how much BABY i do to g6, it gets corrupted again) [​IMG]