how many wii games can i fit on a 232gb hdd

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    i have a hdd here i want to use with my wii on my pc it shows up as 232gb

    what would be the minimum amount of wii games that would fit on it and what would be the max amount and average amount

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  3. Ryccardo

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    The smallest Wii disc image is the infamous Wii Backup Disc, at 10,485,760 bytes in WBFS format (of course including the update partition) - you could have about 23000 copies of that after estimating filesystem overhead

    Of course it's not a game (and in fact doesn't work fine as a backup at least on base 36 CIOS), so next up is Mario All-Stars (230,686,720 B) - conveniently about 1000 copies (again, a lot more if you remove updates)

    The european version of Brawl, the largest Wii title, is 7,654,604,800 B - 33 copies of it!

    Actually, many music games are a lot larger if you include all DLC (theoretically possible with emunand), but I can't comment on that :D
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