How many rich people can exist?

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    Is it fixed though*? and that is before we get into the contemplations of R0

    Between things being dug out of the ground, things refined into far more useful things, things produced by processes, money being printed, whatever we are counting the likes of bitcoin as, people inventing values for stocks and shares, the more fun implications of futures contracts, similarly the fun of future work done, random groups of people creating their own "local" currencies, general barter and whatever else it is anything but fixed.
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    Billionaires: According to Forbes, in 2019 there are around 2,100 billionaires in the world — their (known) total net worth exceeds $8.7 trillion dollars. More of them live in the US than any other nation: 609.

    Millionaires: Inc. Magazine and CNBC say there are at least 36 million millionaires on Earth right now… in the US, the number of accredited millionaires is 11.3 million in 2018. That means a verified net worth of no less than $1 million, with a majority between $1–3 million.

    Rich do not buy happiness at all. I prefer to live simple life and I do not desire to demand anythings. I just want to live: Food, a cute house, social, and simple.
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