How many pictures do you guys have colectivley

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by Dominator211, Apr 27, 2017.

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    hey I was just wondering how many digital photos you guys have of whatever they may be I have 8,473 in my google photos and the number is growing day by day I seem like a lot the pictures themselves together = 26.93gb and these photos go back to 2008. there are some earlier photos but they are there from windows 7or have the wrong date stamp I just want to know how many pictures you guys have or if I'm a picture lord or something just so I know

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    Not that many actually.

    I have a folder that if I see interesting picture for something I want to build, something I have that would be useful if it ever breaks or a picture that might make an interesting texture one day. I prune it regularly so it is maybe 1000 images. There might be an older version on an older hard drive I have not powered in a year or two that is larger, I would not be upset if it vanished.

    I have a fancy camera, a whole bunch of tripods, a bunch of camera heads I use to make custom mounts (probably still got enough to put together a crane), all sorts of light boxes, lights, a slider and a monopod but it is more of a work tool setup. I tried to take photos for fun at various points, didn't stick.
    On the various SD cards I have there are probably a few thousand, though as I tend to take three shots of anything I take and a few wider/narrower angles as well as some different exposures and depths of field so that I can composite things together.

    If I take a photo on family events, holidays or similar it is because someone else hands me there camera and says "can you?". It might be because I don't care, or it might be because I remember most things I care to remember like that. Being the one that operates the printer, backs up the laptop/tablet/whatever as they move to a new device or recovers files from dead drives I tend to end up with those photos, though again would not care if they vanished tomorrow.

    Granted carrying a fancy camera gets annoying and I don't have a phone so I don't do that. I do have a reasonable compact camera and a little gopro knockoff, the only reason the latter remains charged most of the time is because it is my webcam and the former because it is on the battery charging list.

    Work wise that is a few more, though most of that is kept for legal purposes or so I can restore something should it go wrong down the line.

    I like shooting and editing videos (even if I usually watch them twice myself and then delete them), I enjoy many aspects of still image editing too. A few weeks back I got many folders of photos that one of my great grandfathers took in the 1930s and 1940s and beyond, fascinating things and part of me wonders if not documenting things is not cool in some way, however it seems cameras are ubiquitous these days so peh.
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