How many 1st backup for DS R4?

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by Philosophy, Jan 5, 2007.

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    Sep 26, 2006
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    Peace, I'm somewhat a noob to the scene although I have been following since the days of console copiers but never bought anything until the R4DS. I CAN say that I have NEVER bought a product that I have been as fully satisfied with in the video game scene as this one. And I just read that 1.05 ENG is available? Shit! Just wanted to see who else has made their first plunge into the scene with this hardware and what they think so far. If anyone can take our wish list from the other post along with the big ups would be great. From what I've seen, the Mod or senior member on this forum with the in with R4 has been on point, as have then been with updates. Although they are a new company, and I've looked at M3 for a while, as far as software/firmware updates,R4, they have been on they p's and q's. I've already recommended the R4 to about 2-3 other cat's at my job and they are all over it. Even though I can't get True Swing Golf (I think that's the name...) to work and it may be because of how I copied the file over as everything else works, I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase. I'm almost thinking about getting another one just incase mine breaks as I get heavy hands sometimes. Big up to R4, keep us in the loop with the english updates, big up to as I really dig this site, and just wanted to see what some of the other folk who are new to the DS scene but bought an R4 think about their purchase........For strait game compatablility with no MP3 or video, I give it a 9.9. (Would be a 10 if not for the golf and I don't do D/L play so that's not a factor...) Who wants some Mario Kart on Wifi! I'm soooooo in love with my DS now.

    One of R4 first fanboys (and from the product, PROUDLY!)
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    Dec 27, 2006
    Yeah man, This is my first time going into the scene of Flash Carts, and i done it in Style with the r4DS, will arrive on Tuesday but i got my MicroSD all ready set up for when it gets here.
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    I guess since I just got my DS, I'm new to the DS scene. As far as the site, I've been around forever. Of course, once I got my DS, getting a flash card was my first step. I only played the one game I had with it for a bit, then sold it and got the R4. I originally ordered a Supercard DS, but it was delayed because of that earthquake and that gave me a bit of time to read a little more on the R4 and cancel the order. Anywho, it is pretty awesome and I'm glad I bought it. Ah, and you can go ahead and give it a 10. True Swing Golf is reported to be working on the compatibility list (link). I'll give it a try myself in a few just to make sure. If that's the case, probably the way you copied the file over like you said. And I'll hit up some Mario Kart with ya. It'd have to be tomorrow though [​IMG]

    EDIT: Just tested that game (0294 - True Swing Golf (US)(64MBytes) trimmed) and it worked perfectly. Might wanna double check and make sure you've got a valid rom and you're copying it over correctly.