How Lionhead fails

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    How Lionhead fails by Prime


    1) Halo 3 Armor for everybody

    The Limited Edition of Fable II were meant to come with a code for Limited Halo 3 Armor.
    or so they thought....

    People reported that their copy of Fable II didn't come with any code so Lionhead's
    solution is to put up a form for ANYONE to obtain a code. You do not need any proof
    of purchase (at time of writing). So that means people who bought Limited Edition
    of Fabel II has wasted $10.

    [Get the armor]


    2) Eww get away bugs!

    Nobody likes bugs and i mean bugs in video games. When it comes to Fable II there is
    life threating bugs waiting to be fixed. The glitch occurs during the quest called
    "Monk's Quest," in which players are tasked with speaking to the Abbot of the
    Temple of Light in Oakfield. If players run into the temple, begin the
    conversation with the Abbot, and then leave the region before the conversation is
    finished, they are be unable to resume the story. Pretty much a Major bug eh?

    It doesn't stop there. Another glitch discovered in the game causes those who take one
    of their heroes into co-op with another player starting a new game.
    Apparently, when leaving childhood, all experience and gold will be wiped from the
    co-op character. Now in reponse to the first glitch they HAVE fixed it but they don't
    know when they can get it out to gamers. As for the latter glitch, Well some people
    have said there is a patch out but no official word from Lionhead (at time of writing)

    Now I and many others wonder how did Fable II pass testing without any notice on these
    bugs. Did it really pass?

    [Glitch Found]
    [1st Glitch solved, No patch out]


    3) Breaching Microsoft's Achievement Policy

    "All regular disc-based games MUST have 1,000 Gamerscore in the base game. This means that
    any consumer who buys a retail game will have the opportunity to unlock the full 1,000
    Gamerscore without having to pay for any add-on content." - Microsoft's Policy.

    Lionhead rips this Policy up in pieces. The achievement named “Completionist” achievement
    requires gamers to max out all their abilities and gain all their hero’s and dog’s expressions.
    The fact that two of these expression can only be unlocked by playing the Xbox Live Arcade Pub Games title.

    Now that isn't the best part. Dan Webb from posted about this issue on
    the Lionhead forums and it got automically deleted, Without reponse.

    (caught by Google Cache)

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    I think we can all see why this hasn't had any replies...

    Honestly, Lionhead make great games, you're just nitpicking for some odd reason.
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    That thing about the achievements sucks a bit. Cos if Lionhead do it with a large release like this, it unlocks the door to other companies pulling shit like this.

    Damn, I still think it stinks that you have to pay for the "legegndary" 3-map pack for halo 3 to get the full 1750 points out of the game, not that I have anything like that many gamerpoints for it, I'd just like the opportunity to get that many without having to pay extra.