How is the EZ4lite deluxe compared to other carts?

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by aaymon_86, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. aaymon_86

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    May 24, 2006
    Would u say the EZ4lite Deluxe is the best flashcart of for the good DS and gba compatibilty> I have my SClite w/1 gig micro Sd for DS play and recently bought a G6 for gba play. Both are great flash carts but I layed down a lot of money to buy the G6 cause of its good gba compatibility. Both the prices of the carts and the micro Sd together came up to alot of moeny. So what I'm trying to say is, should I have gotten the EZ4lite Deluxe instead of the G6 and just sold my Sclite. Other than just one or 2 ds games not working for the EZ, what makes the other carts better than it(Especially the M3lite) if u only want it for ds, and gba play.
  2. yee

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    Jul 9, 2006
    EZ4Lite Deluxe
    GBA = 256MBITs PSRAM / 356MBITs NOR

    The PSRAM allows you to load 256MBITs of GBA games in the GBA loader on the fly, where the older version didn't allow that (I think other flash carts have 256MBITs of PSRAM too... not sure)

    And the 384MBITs of NOR allows you to burn 384MBITs of GBA games to the flash portion of the EZ4 for instant gameplay without waiting for it to be loaded in the PSRAM.

    Also, EZ4 has the best GBA compatibility and support.
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    Dec 22, 2005
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    The Supercard and M3 have better homebrew support then the EZ4, w/ any luck the FATLIB code the EZ team released might help change that. Some of that will depend on Chism and such updating the "standard" FAT drivers that most homebrew devs are using and/or the homebrew devs finding the extra RAM/features of the EZ4lite Deluxe compelling enough to support them.

    If all your doing w/ your flash cart is playing "romz", the EZ4 can hold it's own against either one. For all the claims of DS game compatabilty issues by others, they are about the exact same games that the other two have problems w/. Recent clients have seemed to improve the "generic" patcher (ie how the client patches ROM images it doesn't recognize). Lego Star Wars, Mech Assault, etc all worked even though the client didn't recognize them. GBA support is perfect barring the lack of a RTC.

    The best flash cart? Depends on what you're using it for I guess, all four carts have their pros and cons. Would I have bought a G6Lite just for better GBA? No way. An EZ4Lite (non-deluxe/compact) would have been cheaper and every bit as good (mind you, I don't know what the Deluxe is selling for). To be honest, I would have just bought a cheap "non-lite" GBA flash cart for that. I don't play enough GBA games anymore that flushness would be an issue for me as any time I was done playing GBA stuff I'd put my "most used" cart back in me DSL anyway before I put it it away. Would I have sold the SC to get the EZ4lite Deluxe? Hmm... For me that would depend on what happens w/ homebrew support for it, as that's the only reason I'd want the Supercard if I were getting or already had an EZ4.