How is EZ-Flash IV in the homebrew department?

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    I have ordered an R4, but I think I want a slot-2 for GBA and better homebrew. Since I already ordered a R4, DS support is unnecessary. Everywhere I look says EZ Flash 4 is good for GBA, but what about homebrew? Here's another question. Since I already will be getting a microsd card for the R4, and the only GBA cards that support microSD are lite versions(I have an electric blue DS Phat) or the M3(too much money), could I use a microsd to minisd adapter like the one in this ebay auction in an EZ Flash 4? Do you need to patch GBA ROMs? What about GB/GBC support, like Goomba, the GB emulator? Sorry for all the questions. [​IMG]
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    the ez flash iv comes in mini sd form for ds phat, gba temp did a review on it.

    here is gba temp review on the ez flash iv mini sd.

    and yes you need to use a program to load them, all slot 2 flash carts need a loader program.

    buy them here.
    $29.33 plus $9.30 shipping (warning they take it out of the box and put it in a padded envelop)
    $30.30 plus shpping (warning shipping is expensive depending on where you live, its $19 to ship to the United staes and Canada and upwards of $50 for shipping to african countires)
    $45 plus shipping
    $42.46 plus shipping.
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    EZ4 supports DLDI, so most future homebrew will support it, anything not DLDI compatible you usually have to use the file with the .ds.gba extension - if there isn't one, you can also try prepending a loader yourself using something like DSlazy.

    So in short, EZ-Flash 4 supports most homebrew.
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    First things first if you modifiy the case of a lite card it will work in the original DS, I have used an EZ4 lite since the summer in my original DS. I first modded a case and stuck and electrical tape ribbon in but later I made a new case, you could just repurpose an old GBA game (rubbish disney ones tend to be cheap enough to buy if yoiu miss lunch). If you want really good GBA the EZ4 lite deluxe has larger memory sections but I suggest you read up on the wiki/reviews for a thorough explanation.

    GBA homebrew runs fine and DS homebrew using GBA designed filesystems also runs fine, the only issue you may encounter is with SRAM saves and that is a 10 second fix:

    As Dirtie alludes to some old homebrew was not compiled for the EZ4, instead favouring the SD and CF carts such as the M3,SC and GBAMP. DLDI solved that issue for new stuff and a lot was recompiled either for the EZ4 or with DLDI support.

    Oh and the micro/transflash to miniSD effectively make a miniSD card should you go that route.

    Goomba (color) runs fine but there is not inbuilt support either at the cart end or the client end so you will have to use one of the builders.
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    FAST6191, could you elaborate on modifying a lite card to make it work in a DS/GBA?
    How hard would it be to mod a GBA cart, like this M3 one(here) for the EZ Flash lite?
    What tools would I need?