How I would like social features implemented to the 3DS

Discussion in '3DS - Games & Content' started by Shuji1987, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Shuji1987

    Shuji1987 ~

    Jul 20, 2011
    I keep hearing about how Nintendo wants the 3DS and upcomming Wii U to be social. But why do they fail so hard at it? The 3DS not even having an IM of some sort or video chat is just disturbing. In order for it to be more social, here are a few features I would like to see. Feel free to comment on them or tell what you would like to see.

    A feature allowing to 'mask' your friendcode and serve as a way to fill up your friendlist. Upon entering the friendslist you would be able to register your system on the nintendo website and allow after filling in the code to choose a nickname. After that, the nickname can server as the replacement for the friendcode. So instead of filling in a 12 digit code you would be required to fill in his or her nickname instead (and possibly the nationality of the person, due to worlwide giving fewer nickname possibilities). However you could still choose to keep it at a friendcode if you wanted. When registering a new friend you would be able to choose between a FC or nickname.

    This is a very simple feature really. Whenever someone adds you through your nickname or FC, you will be prompted to accept, decline or block the user(s). You accept new friends through the friendlist and notification will happen through the LED notifications ingame, in standby and the Homescreen. When on standby the LED would be orange so you know you have requests active. During gameplay you would see a small orange 'plus' or 'messenger' icon blinking shortly in one of your corners and the orange light blinking to notify you that you have a new friend. This feature could be turned off (the icon, the LED isn't able to be turned off). In your HomeScreen you will be notified too, similair in a way to how the low battery notification works. It would pop up in the home screen with an orange stroke around it telling you: "New friend request(s) pending."


    Instant Messaging:
    This feature would be accessible from the Friends-list and allows you to start a conversation with one person and the abillity to invite more. The bottom screen would show a keyboard and the upper screen would serve for the text field (possibly and input field too for the stylus like in pictochat for the NDS). You would be able to chat with anyone, even when your friend is already playing a game. If they would be playing a game, this is when it has to show the orange light flickering (upon message recieved) and also, there should be displayed a small icon (an orange envelope) in a corner of the top screen to show you someone is talking to you (it would blink for a few seconds, nothing that would disturb your game experience and possibly something to turn off). I'm still not sure wether offline messages would be a good idea, same goes for chat history. They would be cool add-ons but not required for me.


    Whenever you're bored or are looking for someone to talk to you or play with you or have something very important to say, use the broadcast function. Whenever someone broadcasts a message (possibly only once every x amount of time to avoid spam) you will be notified by a blinking purple light and a purple envelope icon. Broadcasts are stored in a seperate window within the friends list (the first window there is). Look at this as some sort of update roster/bulletin board. You would see everyones current Broadcast at the broadcast window sorted by last updated. The bottom screen would be used to adjust settings and set your own broadcast and the top screen would show the last 10 broadcasts (you can see more by using the D-Pad or touch screen to shift between pages). The Broadcasts would possibly scroll due to longer messages. Everyones current broadcast will be stored at the Nintendo server so you will always retrieve the latest even though the user isn't online.

    This is an option toggled from the IM that is accessible through the friendslist. What it does is send an invitation for a videochat and if accepted you will be able to see each other and talk with each other through the camera (inner) and the build in mic. The top screen would switch from a text/input field to the others inner camera view. However the keyboard on the lower screen won't go away. This allows for drawings/text incase you want to show something or you can't understand each other that well or hear each other good but still let him/her now. A button on the touch screen to switch between text field and videofield will become active.

    I've heard Nintendo talking about how they would like to integrate more social features on their platforms through the likes of facebook and such. What I would like to see is having applications downloadable from the eShop for facebook, twitter and possibly messenger like applications (msn, aim etc). These applications would be similair to the ones found on popular smartphones like iPhones, Blackberry's and Android phones.


    Parental Controls:
    I know how Nintendo is catering to the youngsters and protecting them, so updating the parental controls to possibly block certain features or restrict access would be a good addition in having security and adding in more social features. At the first startup of the device (out of the box installation) it should ask you wether or not you want to block or restrict these features. Through an update this will be editable in the settings.

    This is how I feel Nintendo can make the 3DS more appealing to everyone, offer a more social platform and enhance the online experience. Any thoughts?
  2. chris888222

    chris888222 GBAtemp's Flygon Fan

    Oct 11, 2010
    Not to rain on your parade, but you do realize this is Nintendo, right?

    But, these features surely are welcoming ones.
  3. Terenigma

    Terenigma Terenigma everywhere

    Nov 10, 2008
    Facebook and twitter both work great with the mobile versions using the internet built into the 3DS already, However i would love skype built into the system.

    The only other thing you mentioned which i feel nintendo MUST do is the ability to message your friends in your friendslist. The only way you can add these people is if you BOTH exchange the friendcodes, so you obviously know the person and the fact you cant message this person to arrange a game is a huge mistake in my eyes. What is the point of seing your friend online with no way to message? do nintendo think you can telepathically tell this person to join your game?
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