How i watch videos on m3 simply

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    guys can someone help me cause i tried puting a video file in the sd card and but it did not work . I am using moohshll version 1.6 and i have m3 simply . will hlep if someone can give me some guide or sumthing for this thx. peace out.
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    Try this:
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    sample video, so you can see how good the video quality is.
    (person encoded bleach episode to watch on his ds)

    Converting videos with dpgenc (dpgtools v1.1+1)

    Run the dpgenc.exe executable from where you extracted dpgtools. You'll have this:

    he first thing you will want to do is change to the desire language (In this photo, I have already done this step). Click on the Language tab.

    Next you will want to adjust your Options to your desired settings. Click on the Option tab.
    Let's see this part by part:
    - Drop-down menu: Method of video detection. Three choices here, auto detect. If that doesn’t work, try the other two.
    Sampling rate: Sound quality. The higher the better, but only one setting is available: 32000.

    - Bitrate: As above, sound quality. The higher the better. 128kbps or 96kbps seem to be a good setting.

    - Volume: Lets you add some sound volume.

    - Drop-down menu: Method used to extract the sound track of the video. Many methods are available: mencoder, ffmpeg, extractwave or demuxed file. Use mencoder or ffmpeg.
    Pixel format: Four choices. RGB18 default, RGB15 for speed, RGB21 for quality, and RGB24 old version default.

    - Video width: Self-explanatory. The maximum setting is 256 (horizontal resolution of the DS screen). The lower the setting, the smaller the video, and the uglier the video when stretched out to fill the whole screen. Use 256!

    - Video Aspect ratio: Self-explanatory: 16/9 (movie), 4/3 (TV), 1:2.35(CinemaScope) or auto detect.

    - Video Bitrate: Self-explanatory. The higher the setting, the better the quality, and the larger the video. Avoid using high settings, or else the video won't be smooth (with a sort of black fuzz when a character is moving) and the video might even stop for a few seconds if there is too much action on the screen.

    - Video Framerate: Same advice as above. 18fps seems to be a good setting for some anime or a TV show (4/3). You can use higher settings for a movie (16/9), with 24 or 25fps (keep in mind that it's useless to put a higher framerate than the original video). If you get some black blur when there is lots of action on the video, lower this setting.

    - Video Brightness: Self-explanatory. The higher the brighter. Only use if your videos are too dark or bright on your DS.

    - Blur: The more the cursor is on the left, the blurrier the video. 95% is a good setting, as it removes most visible image compression.

    - Flip video: What's this for? I don't really know. Maybe it's useful if you have a matrox G400, or if you want to watch movies with the DS upside-down

    - The last line: Lets you customize mencoder's commands and switches. You shouldn't modify this, unless you want to add some filters or switches. If you're interested in this, first read mencoder's manual.

    Once you're done adjusting your settings, press Apply.


    Next you will want to adjust the output path.

    Now you are ready to drop in videos to convert. Once you drop in the videos, the conversion process starts.

    Here are TheSticks suggestions on settings for Dpgtools:

    - Anime (4:3) ~23min, AVI (Xvid+MP3):
    The conversion speed is about 23fps on my Pentium M 1.3GHz. I get a 55Mb dpg with good quality (sound and video), no black blur when there's motion. However, when there's lots of action on the screen, the video freezes for 1 or 2 seconds.

    - Movie (16:9), live action, ~2h, AVI (Xvid+AC3):
    The conversion speed is about 35fps on my Pentium M 1.3GHz. I get a 266Mb dpg with good quality (sound and video), no black blur when there's motion. No video freezing here.

    Converting videos with BatchDPG
    AviSynth, needed by BatchDPG before running
    MS .NET Framework 1.1 or higher, need by BatchDPG before running;displaylang=en

    LS5's BatchDPG is a great alternative to dpgenc. Among other enhancements, we have the possibility to create a list of videos to convert, better video quality, and the ability to add external subtitles to the video.

    The defaults settings are good, and the optimal framerate is calculated automatically. You shouldn't have to modify those settings.

    1- Pick your video (Media File) and a subtitle file if you have one
    2- Choose the temporary and output directory (respectively Temp dir and Output dir).
    3- Click on Add
    4- Repeat steps 1 and 3 for each one of the videos you wish to convert
    5- Click on Run to start converting.

    For those who want more information on each individual setting

    Media file: Where you pick the file to convert to watch
    Subtitle file: If your video has an external subtitle file, BatchDPG can also incorporate it. But at the moment, it only takes SRT, SSA and donkey files. ( No, not that type of donkey. )

    Temp dir: This is where all the temporary files during converting are placed. I recommend making a folder called "temp" in your BatchDPG installation path and selecting that. If nothing is input, the source folder will be the temp folder by default.
    Output file: Where the converted .DPG file sits in wait once it is done converting.

    FPS: The framerate of the video. You can only use whole numbers meaning no decimals are allowed. By default, it is set to "auto." I recommend leaving it at auto.
    Profile: If you pick a high, it uses mencoder ( an external video encoder ) resulting in better quality at the cost of almost double the converting time of medium. If you pick the "low," it will give roughly the same quality as DPGTools.
    Width & Height: Basically, you can set the width and height of the outputted video in pixels. BatchDPG automatically finds these numbers, except in a few cases where it doesn't and asks for a manual input.
    Bitrate & Max Bitrate: A higher number results in a better quality video at the cost of size. The video bitrate is the target bitrate, so if the scene doesn't require that much bitrate, it will actually be lower. However, if a scene does require more than the target bitrate, it will not be higher than the max bitrate. I recommend setting the max bitrate 1.5 or 2 times the target.

    Bitrate: Everything about video bitrate applies here in audio as well except for the fact that the bitrate you choose for audio is constant, not variable.
    Samplerate: 48000hz is much better than 32000hz, however the DS can only take on 48000hz in mono audio mode, so 48000hz is recommended if you are using mono audio mode.
    Mono: It helps to lower filesize by letting you use a smaller audio bitrate without sacrificing much quality.
    Normalize: Normalizing is when it raises the audio track of the video to the highest possible without losing quality. I recommend using this option.

    After encoding: Self-explanatory
    Process priority: It only affects the mencoder if you decide to use it. Basically, if you set it to low, it will use less of the computer resources so other programs do not lag as much, and vice-versa.

    Add, delete, clear and run: Self-explanatory.
    About: Display version information.

    Playback Issues

    Conversion errors: If you ever have any conversion errors, I would recommend getting a few extra codecs for both the audio and video. I recommend getting the K-Lite Full Codec pack and picking the default settings as that seems to fix most of the conversion problems.
    Video skips slightly:n your "global.ini" in the Shell folder of MoonShell with Notepad and edit the following - Dithering=1 / GOPSkip=1 and replace the 1's with 0's. Also, if the video bitrate and frame rate is too high, it may cause more in-video skips. You can also play around with the AdaptiveDelayControl. What it does if set to 1 is focus mainly on video and sound sync and if set to 0, focus solely on video. I recommend setting it to 0 if you watch animation and 1 if you watch normal shows.

    (So in a nutshell this is what he is settings he is saying to use in global.ini)


    Recommend settings

    Suggestions for batchdpg by Yee

    FPS: Auto
    Video bitrate: 300 ( or 150 if you want space over quality since BatchDPG uses Variable Bitrate )
    Max bitrate: 300
    Profile: High
    Width: 256
    Height: 192
    Audio bitrate: 64
    Samplerate: 32000
    Normalize: On
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    What's better? Faster?

    dpgenc or BatchDPG?
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    Best for me is still hand encoding but speed and quality do not tend to go hand in hand (a quick example two passes tends to increase quality but quite literally doubles encode time).
    Most people tend to lean towards EZBuilder (a chinese app that is fairly complex but very nice) or batchdpg (main detractor is reliance on .net, there are a few alternatives now for the components that require it though so maybe that will change) though.
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    Thx for the hlep guys but for some reason it still dit not play. I convetrted my video into DPG. ON my memroy flash card i made new folder called videos and put the DPG file in it. but when i go moohshll 1.6 the DPG video is therer put when i press teh a button noting happens . Y is that.

    NVM i got it thx for all ur help .