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    The play version

    It could happen on any forum you visit on the internet and beyond.
    Mass debate

    The players
    Logic and reason man
    Witty comment person
    The legion of fanboys
    The innocents

    How it starts can vary, it may be that logic and reason man or one of his kin poses a hypothetical, it could be that witty comment person makes a joke, it could be the legion forms a coherent thought and posts something that needs to be debunked or it could be that an innocent has a genuine question. Though the stage after is a story eternally retold the trigger varies, typically a comment from outside the legion is taken out of context by some means or one of the legion's comments is debunked by one of the others.

    The trouble is the legion made an awful pact for not much power.... they tied their self identity to something less timeless and ultimately less rational than logic and reason, humour or "just want to play games". The entity in question... a company in a field as fickle and ever changing as entertainment.

    *by the power of my misremembered childhood*
    Those that have seen this swear they can see a N64 with a halo, Sonic adventure as a wise old man and

    [offstage] The legion was hard at work as well so the civility enforcement team, a group blessed with the power of the gods and capable of rewriting the rules and reality of the realm, was otherwise spread thin. There have been rumours that the team, usually drawn from outstanding members of the first two groups, has been infiltrated by the legion but such things are strenuously denied and there is little evidence of such a situation. The fate of distant lands is less certain here though; the gamefaqs wastelands were once rumoured to be a place where a good conversation could be found but recent forays into it have not returned with good news.

    Now contrary to popular belief the legion is not stupid and they took the gifts of power freely offered by logic and reason man's clan and witty comment person as well as the apparent anonymity afforded by the innocents to create a dark and terrible power. Being based upon crude and often literal interpretations of the powers wielded by the others they are easily defeated.... but being legion the volume power is able to overwhelm and trigger the jaded state of many of the groups. Any innocents involved risk getting lost in the fray. The legion also knows the weak points of the groups, for instance the need for the logic and reason to either explain things at length or risk undermining the foundation. Worse is some realms, such as the realms of games, are still one of magic where science and reason are still primitive and not well liked... it has been studied long and hard and it seems "if you believe it to be true, it is a kind of proof" is a thing in this realm.

    More terrible is the risk of one of the other three groups turning. The earlier rumours were not true and it is not as simple as having one of the legion bite you, however ability in one of the powers is no protection and several once well considered persons have turned.

    Following the legion's wading into the thread the others have reported a kind of pink mist descending in front of their vision. The lucky ones are the ones where this is a stroke that claims them, the others report returning to senses and finding themselves in a ruined thread.

    However like the vampires of old stories the average legion member has a hard time appearing in threads unless they are invited. It can still happen without it but those are containable. This has led some more experienced members of the other three groups to adopt a very guarded approach to thread making, as such things tend to preclude nuance, the foundation for the higher levels of the powers, it is not considered a solution to the issue.

    All hope is not lost though for members of the legion have been seen to turn, the usual procedure is to separate them from their pack and force them to see reason and humour. Likewise the investigative division of the civility enforcement team is slowly erasing the legacy of the legion.

    And that, gentle viewer, is where you find yourself now.
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    I always thought it was more like this

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