How fast does your internet speed need to be to stream 4K with no problems?

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    I was just curious how fast should the speed be, I usually not sure about these things but i know i don't need like ridiculous amounts of speed which is lots of money. I currently have Less than 10 Ping, 50 Download speed and 25 Upload speed using a Dual band AC router with 1750, on wifi 5GHZ.

    Just curious how others experience with 4K streaming sites are. (Side question, this is also acceptable enough for online games right?)
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    Based on the first google guide I found, to stream 4K you need 15-20 Mbps spare bandwidth, meaning you need an ISP/router that is capable of consistently providing that speed and not need to share it with anyone else on your line (e.g family members streaming their own vids).

    Gaming tends to require low latency and high upload speeds rather than fast download speeds.
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    Depends on the service, Netflix say 25mbps while BT Sports says 44mbps from what Ive read.

    Ive regularly streamed 4k on my fire tv no problem (mainly The Grand Tour on Amazon through a Fire TV 2 with ethernet on a 70mbps connection).

    One thing to remember is DASH may alter the quality as you're watching (most notable when you start streaming).

    Your connection should be good enough WAN wise (possible exceptions are niche servers on PCs like in Counter Strike), but obviously remember to check the LAN quality, especially with wifi.