How does WIIBrickBlocker work?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by FoxMcClaud, Feb 7, 2008.

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    Hi there,

    so I just used a bit Wiibrowse to check the SSBX and some other images.
    We all know that the first partition is the update. The file that handles the updates, seems to be __update.inf
    It tells the WII, where all the updates are and what to update.

    Now, as far as I know, discs can be extracted but not recompiled or signed.
    I just wanted to ask, why does WiiBrickBlocker (or other ones) work, if their patch.iso is not signed.

    My thought: Couldnt we just take a non working brickblock game from our region, eg. SSBB when it get released, copy the system partition into a Patch.iso and use this to patch the iso.

    Is this enough to fool the system, that it is signed? So we could use this new patch.iso for images that don't work with the normal patch.iso.

    I'm i totally wrong or could this work? I don't have any understandings, how these things work, but maybe someone will get the idea and carry it on!


    Edit: Or maybe as another idea: Just change the __update.inf (per patch.iso) and replace it with one, that does not need an update.
    Or maybe replace the RVL-Forecast_JP-v7.wad.out.wad files, with the US versions and change the __update.inf by changing JP to US or so.
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    The disc partitions were known about since the first Wii dump. All BrickBlocker does is replace the partition containing the update with one from a game that does not have an update on the disc.
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    Aug 16, 2006
    Gambia, The
    Yeah sure I know that, but the question is, why can't we take a new partition.

    The problem is, the partition (patch.iso) brickblocker uses is not compatible with eg. MP3 or SSBX. So, my idea:

    Take the sys partition of MP3 US Disc and patch SSBX JP With it. If it updates, it's just the old US update... maybe that could work.
    Edit: For PAL systems, take the MP3 Pal Disc sys partition and patch SSBX JP with it!

    And my initial question was bad formulated. The question is, why can you alter a Disc without signing it? So If we can decode discs, we can recompile them, but we have to sign them, am i right?

    So why can BB alter the disc without signing. If It can, why can't we patch a lot of things, like change the forecast channel data, to a homebrew channel and patch the systempartition with this new data.

    So maybe I'm overlooking something... and btw I'm no noob, been here around a long time...