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    Sep 5, 2018
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    We all tend to buy different games and wanted to set eachother as non-primaries on each of our accounts. I know that two of the same people cannot be online at the same time, and that non-primary accounts must be online at all times while playing. I guess my questions are:

    - How many consoles can you add as non-Primary?
    - Is there any way you can play at the very least local multiplayer with shared games, or are you completely locked out of downloaded games on non-Primary accounts?
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    Jan 19, 2016
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    If you've ever gameshared on a PS4 or Xbox One, it pretty much works the same way.
    You won't be able to play the same game on all four Switches. You'll only be able to do two max.

    To make things easier for now, let's reduce the amount of Switches to two.
    Switch 1, Switch 2, Account A, and Account B.
    Account A is primary on Switch 2, while Account B is primary on Switch 1.
    Switch 2 can play any of Account A's game on any account, online and offline.
    Switch 1, however, can only play Account A's games when logged into Account A and you have to be online. You will not be able to play Account A's games on Switch 1 while offline or with a different user.
    Same story with Account B on Switch 2. This allows two Switches to play with each other. Continuing with my example, if you want to play an Account A game on both Switches together, just boot up the game on Switch 2 with a different account (i.e Account B) and login to Account A on Switch 1. This will allow you to play together.

    Introducing more Switches gets a bit complicated as you can only have one primary Switch. You can have as many non-Primary Switches (afaik), but you wouldn't be able to play the same game on all four Switches, just two (like my example). Any non-primary Switch can play the game, as long as it's logged into the account the owns the game.

    You'd have to buy the game twice in order to be able to play on four Switches on the same time.
    Account A is primary on Switch 2, Account B is primary on Switch 1
    Account C is primary on Switch 4, Account D is primary on Switch 3
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