How does saving work?

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by Hooya, Aug 25, 2006.

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    I've been reading on the EZ4 and have ordered one (the lite model), but I'm not sure I understand one thing, and that is saved NDS games.

    The thing that throws me for a loop is the whole mention of the saves being stored in the EZ4 memory first, then being stored on the SD card when it is rebooted. Does this mean that I need to re-boot the DS before the save actually sticks? I'm just not sure what this is all about.

    I do understand that I need to make the .sav file myself and put it on the SD card. I'm assuming that this can be a 0byte file at first. Is that correct? In otherwords, I make a new "plaintext" file on my PC and rename it gamename.sav and move it over to the proper folder in the EZ4, correct?

    Edit: I just noticed that newest versions of the EZ4 client automatically make the .sav file, so I shouldn't need to do anything.

    Assuming that I have the creation of the .sav file understood, can someone shed some light on the whole "rebooting" issue? Is that something that I really will never notice or do I need to do something conciously in order to make my save game stick to the .sav file on the SD card? What about GBA games?
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    The EZ4 has battery backed SRAM where saves are put until the next time you use the card. When you start up the EZ4 it will let you know that it is copying the save and tell you "touch to skip", just don't touh the screen or any buttons and it will do it automaticaly. There isn't anything YOU have to do to make this happen.

    On a side note, a few things.... 1) Be careful when aborting the save being copied, do it immediately when the screen appears or not at all or there is a chance you will corrupt the save on your SD and/or corrupt the entire saver folder on the SD. 2) There is an option to make the copying process non-skipable. 3) Though it may not seem very useful, being able to skip the copying is actually very useful particularly w/ games that only allow you one save slot, have automatic saving, etc. For example, I use it w/ Animal Crossing all the time. [​IMG]