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    Dec 1, 2013
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    I was using custom palettes for Gambette on an older version of Retroarch as described here.

    But that doesn't seem to be working in Gambette for Retroarch 1.3.0. I've tried having the custom pallets in (SD root)\retroarch\system\palettes\ which worked for the older Retroarch.

    I've tried putting them in (SD root)\apps\retroarch\system\palettes\ as well. Also (SD root)\apps\retroarch\palettes\ and (SD)\retroarch\palettes\ just as a guess. None of those work either.

    In core options -> GB Colorization I have tried Auto, Custom, and Internal but none of these use the custom palettes I had setup. The Custom setting just uses grayscale the same as Disabled does. Auto and Internal use the built-in palettes, which isn't what I want.

    I know that the custom palettes work on a per-game basis, so I've been trying this with the games I already had setup and working in the older Retroarch ( I believe).

    I don't know what else to try. Is there a new path where the custom palettes need to go? Or some other setting I have to change?
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