How do you use codes on gecko os for vc and wiiware games?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by UKTone, Mar 20, 2010.

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    What folder name and the folder's location?

    And how should the text files look like?

    Need help with this one Infinite money code.

    Also, would it say codes are applied? Or will it always give the error?

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: Where do the gct files go and how exactly do you make them for vc and wiiware games when they only have a 4 letter game code? Also how should the text look like?

    What goes in game name and what goes in Game ID? Where is it suppose to be?

    I don't know because I only used usb loader for cheats and never used them for vc?wiiware games.

    Edit: Used the sample one and saw where it went, E:/codes/

    Thanks me lol jk.