How do you guys like your eggs?


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Nov 21, 2005
United Kingdom
More unsanctioned GBAchef? Well OK then,

Overriding concept. No snotty, runny or similar eggs. I can choke one down but I will not be happy about it. Exception for scotch eggs which I really despise when they are snotty, and unfortunately that is the current trend if you buy one in a pub or restaurant.

If fried I will flip them a few times and squash them so as to have no runny stuff. If I can choke the rest of the house out then I will fry it with some form of chillies or sauce thereof, if not then worcestershire sauce and tabasco or some other chilli based sauce. Over a sausage between bread or in a roll is great camping/after a night out food.

If boiled then again no snotty egg, never cared the most for devilled eggs but same idea. Though eggs, with the exception of Scotch eggs, are chiefly a baking or bugger I need to go to the shops but I have some eggs so screw it ingredient in my kitchen I will say I do enjoy a boiled egg with a curry or in a noodle dish/Japanese style soup.

Scotch eggs are delicious. For those unfamiliar (you poor bastards) they are boiled eggs wrapped in meat (usually sausagemeat but can be other things, some favour seasoning, some do not), coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried. They are the only egg dish that I will miss if I do not have it.

I will eat a poached egg but have never fancied them, certainly never cooked one for myself because I wanted one.

Pickled eggs are vile, I will not begrudge others them but I do not like them at all. This goes for both the vinegar and brine varieties, though I am not sure I have ever had anything pickled in brine that is good.

Scrambled is boring but I will eat it.

Never tried century or some of the similar preservation methods eggs. I will try anything like that but I don't suspect I will enjoy it.

Never tried a tea egg. Never tried a smoked egg but I don't like most smoked foods.

A proper egg custard is second only to coconut custard in my book.

Not a huge fan of omelette. Coddled is nothing I seek, and actually I can't remember when I might have last had one. I have had baked egg but it failed to leave any real impression.

Balut is a fine dish as long as you do not leave it for too long and end up eating beak, similarly I hate it when you do accidentally get a fertilised egg if you are doing the living on a farm bit.

Type of eggs I like. Chicken eggs are OK, duck eggs are my preferred type of egg that is readily available, goose eggs are OK but I still prefer duck, quail eggs are usually treated quite differently but I guess they are edible enough, fish eggs are not what we are presumably talking about but salty muck really. Not tried enough ostrich eggs to say (though I suppose it is scrambled or nothing really) and a search of other types of commonly eaten egg say gull eggs are apparently a delicacy around here which I had never heard, time to go gull hunting then. Pigeon is delicious but I have never tried their eggs, and I have similarly never tried pheasant eggs where the bird itself is delicious. By similar token I have never tried turkey eggs but where the other birds mentioned are tasty I really don't care much for turkey. All my cockatiels have been male so I never tried those either. Guinea Fowl is something I will be on the lookout for from now on, and similarly I realise I never considered emu eggs despite them being farmed around the corner from me for many years.


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Jun 20, 2016
United States
I usually cook my eggs in combination with chorizo or hotdog. I also love leaving it sitting in the oil a tiny bit longer for a little extra crisp.

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