How do I use classic emulators on my Wiiflow?

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    Jun 18, 2015
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    I JUST REALIZED I POSTED THIS IN THE WRONG SECTION. I apologize, moderators please take this question off since I posted it in the tutorial section. I reposted this in the ask section. I apologize and thank you for you understanding Hello everyone, this is my first post and first question. First off I want to apologize if I repeated any posts or violated any rules because I have NOT seen posts on how to set up classic emulators in my Wiiflow yet. I have only seen how to set up artwork with classic roms.... I will start off by giving a rundown on my gear and progress.

    My Gear: Wii-U ====> Virtual Wii ======> Homebrew ======> WiiFlow (Latest software). (Awesome source menu too I love it) Old school SD card 2 gb. Western Digital 1TB external formatted to fat32 32k cluster. ALL WORKS FINE. also a Y cable.

    My Progress: As all the other other posters who have wiiflow have stated, my gamecube backups load and work great. My wii backup's (WBFS) don't load but I will tackle that problem another time. My concern is getting help setting up SNES, NES, Sega Genesis, etc etc to work with wiiflow. I don't even know where to download or get emulators to put in the plugins folder in my sdcard for all my homebrew stuff. I am pretty computer savy so pointing my in the right direction can help me.

    What I am trying to accomplish: I am running everything from my external usb drive, its formatted to fat32 with 32k cluster. So I know I'm not having a hdd problem.

    My Questions:
    1 -
    Where do I get the classic emulators like nes, genensis, neo geo, mame, etc I have no intro romsets for 58 systems so I'm really enthusiastic to get this going.

    2 - Once I have these emulators for wii (or plugins) where do I put them? My sd card is only 2 gigs. I want to place everything from my USB drive (External HDD)

    Thank you all for your help in advance, I hope my rundown was helpful for you Wii veterans advice. Regards, DJ
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