How do I uninstall all CFW to go back to vanilla 9.2?

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    Hey guys, I've looked all around and didn't find any answers relevant to me. I guess not too many folks are going back to vanilla.
    I'm only doing so because I made a mess. I have to do constant reboots and I'm pretty sure I can't get a CIA to boot the same way twice between Pasta always locking up and FBI freezing mid install.

    I followed this tutorial:

    All I want to know is, Is there a tutorial that can help me go back to vanilla? I may at some point go back and install RXtools after the new version is released. Seems much cleaner.
    But for now, How do I go back? I assume it's not a simple matter of formatting the system memory in the 3DS system settings. Also, will reverting back to vanilla allow me to regain all my digital games and saves as I had before? I backed up my entire SD card before I went to CFW. I also have the backup NAND.bin if that helps. Thanks guys!
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    Format your system or just format the sd card. It's up to you. Emunand is only a partition on your sd card. As for keeping your games that you purchased on the eshop. If you did so in CFW mode, you will not be able to use them on sysnand. Only emunand after restoring your sd card back up you made. But if you bought them on sysnand, you should have no issue using them after putting the files back on your sd card after only formatting it in a pc. Format the entire system, there goes your NNID that it's all linked to which means you can not use them if you do that way.

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    Also, if you're using a new Nintendo 3ds, use reinand. That has 10.5 Emunand support.
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