How do I transfer WiiWare saves to EmuNAND?

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    In USB Loader GX 3.0 the "Export all saves to EmuNAND" feature doesn't transfer WiiWare save information. Is there a way to transfer the WiiWare saves - and only the Wiiware saves - to overwrite the WiiWare saves currently stored in the EmuNAND?

    If not where exactly can I find the WiiWare save information so I can manually transfer it?
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    Jan 21, 2013
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    Savegame manager GX should work. There's an option to enable emuNAND, activate that and make sure that your emuNAND path is correct (I think its sd:/nand by default, or at least it was on mine). From there, you can export all the saves installed on your internal NAND, including wiiware. There's even a batch mode, if you don't mind the saves already on your emuNAND being overwritten with any saves for the same game that might be on your wii.
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