How do I transfer SD cards- The Easiest way that does not require me to run an exe file.

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    I have a 4gb sd card in my o3ds 9.2 with cfw (rxtools and hbl) and i want to transfer it to another sd card of 128 gb including that emunand thingy. What is the EASIEST way to do so in one go that does not require me to run exe files as i only have a tab. I tried googling and searching but there was a lot of stuff i didn't understand like fat32 etc. I am a noob of the highest order who doesn't understand anything in brief.
    Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience that this may case any one.
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    You need to use EmuNAND Tool if you plan on transferring to a larger SD. You can't do it without a PC. Ask a friend if you don't have one.
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    By "Tab" I'll assume you mean a tablet. Should I also assume that you're running Android?

    If you want a full disk backup, with emuNAND and everything, I don't think you'll be able to do it with the tablet alone. If you just want to backup the files, or copy your Fat32 partition, it's possible on paper, but I've never had much luck with resizing partitions on Android.

    If you are the noob you claim to be, doing anything like this in Android is going to be an absolute ordeal, even if it is possible. You don't need Windows for this, any computer will do. Surely you know someone who has one.
    Any program that can make a full disk image will carry over the EmuNAND, as well.