How do I re-install CIA manager in emuNAND? (re: OTP.bin guide from Plailect)

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    I'm using a n3DS and I'm trying to get my otp.bin following the guide from Plailect. (

    However, I've been having some problems.

    1) The guide says to run TinyFormat inside emuNAND. When I did this, it seems to have RE-LINKED (and formatted) both my sysNAND and emuNAND which I think is the opposite of what I want. Even more confusing was that MenuHax was being used in both NANDs.

    2) I think I've gotten everything cleared up, and I ran TinyFormat.3dsx inside emuNAND (using browserhax + homebrew launcher) and my NANDs are unlinked, but I can't install a CIA manager so I can install sysUpdater and downgrade to 2.1.

    How do I re-install a CIA manager in emuNAND? I've tried injecting the Health and Safety app using the built-in rxTools options, but it says "cannot find health and safety info" or something similar.

    Can anybody help me out?