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    Sep 24, 2006
    I'm kinda new to 3DS. I have an N3DS XL that I put CFW a week ago. I backed up 5 game carts I have using FBI>.cia, and earlier got a chance to try them via BOOP to FBI remote install. 2 worked, the other 3 for some reason they needed to be copied to SD card. 5 out 5 got installed afterwards though.

    Here's the thing: When I fired up one title it says update available and I pressed Y and chose download now. Then I was told to go to settings > data management > 3DS > downloadable content. So I went.

    I see the title and the size on the right(I think). But when I tap it the only choice is Delete.

    1. Does that mean the game is already updated?
    2. How do I properly back it up with the updates installed?

    Hope my question make sense.


    Hmm. sorry like I said, I'm new to 3DS, I backed up my game using GodMode9 > cart() > .cia. Not FBI.
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    May 23, 2020
    1. Select [A:] SYSNAND SD
    2. Select title > 00040000 if you are dumping a full title or 0004000e for an update or 0004008c for DLC > the last 8 digits of the TitleID (tidlow) > content > the .tmd in the folder
    3. Select TMD file options... > Build CIA (standard)
    4. The CIA will be in /gm9out/titleid.cia

    I would post the source for this little guide besides their username if i wasn't a new user

    You will need to have the update installed on your system for this to work
    This is with godmod9. Hope this helps
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