How do I play videos on DSTT?

Discussion in 'DSTT' started by levyjl1988, Jul 21, 2008.

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    Jul 21, 2008
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    Hi, I just recently got a DSTT and I'm wondering how can I play videos on my DS.
    I've searched on google for a how to FAQ and got led to this:

    From the FAQ, I followed:
    "Q. How do I play videos and music? Where's Moonshell??
    A. Somewhat suprising to see a cart nowadays that doesn't have Moonshell built into the GUI. Nonetheless, its easy to install. Just grab Moonshell 1.71 here and run the Setup.exe within. Select English as the language and your flashcart's drive. There will be a long list of flashcarts on the right side of the application. Since the DSTT supports auto-DLDI patching, click "Clear all", and check only the "AUTOPATCH Default (No Interface)" option. Once you've gone through all your options, click the Setup button at the bottom right."

    I basically followed those instructions above. Now what's my next approach? I really want to try this out, but I'm a newb to all this. There is no detailed instructions anywhere on the web. I wish to put like 3 .avi files from my comp to the 4BGB microSD card in my DSTT. So if anyone can pls give me detailed instructions on how to do this I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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    Try using this guide:
    In order to play videos on Moonshell, you have to convert them to DPG. Most video formats can be converted to DPG using either BatchDPG(used in the guide above), SUPER, or some other converter specifically for converting DPGs.