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    Mar 18, 2017
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    will this work
    I hav 2 3ds system A n B.A is o 11.2 n B is on 11.3.if i delete my account from B n then make a new acc on A with the id n password of system A n then intall tickets on A using fbi then redownloading the tickets on system A (tickets will be there to redownload) then delete acc from A n then again make a new account on B using system A Account.[also note that i will intall legit cia on system A n then transfer the account to B]

    Here is the question
    the tickets and legit cia that i installed on A . Will they appear in system B account to redownload ?(cause the account for both accounts r same)

    i am trying to put games on 11.3 if this fails im goin in for a flashcart

    [after i delete account from system B will my demos n other games stop working?]
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