1. MarcoSmith

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    Jun 7, 2013
    United States
    I know that when I want to view photos on my memory stick on my PSP 2000 I can go Photo->Memory STick-> Folder with the photo. And while viewing the photo I can hold square and press any of the shoulder buttons to Rotate the Photo. However when i move on to the next photo by pressing the R shoulder button the next photo is in its default position and unrotated. How do I set my PSP so that if a photo is rotated in a certain way pressing R or L button to move to the next or previous photo will show me that Photo in the same rotated way?

    Main purpose of this is sometimes im trying to read manga but due to its nature the text is too small for me to read without rotating or zooming in. When the images are rotated to the left or right I can read the text more clearly, but its kind of annoying to have to rotate the next image wand the image after that.
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