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    Oct 28, 2007
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    I tried running a whole bunch of them and they won't work no matter what.

    I have the distros all nicely organized in .nds file format.

    - I run an event on one of my DS', hit a to start the transfer and the game running on my other DS, nothing happens.
    - I tried entering the wireless trade place where I normally trade pokemon between my two DS's, there's nothing there
    - I checked the mail on my computer, nothing

    All the guide said was to run an event distro on one system and the game on the other and it won't work.

    botht the distros and my ROM are US

    I have two DS's, a DS Lite and a DSi XL, the lite has an AceKard 2 and the XL has an AceKard2i, both ace cards are on AKAIO 1.8.6 and I don't have any problems transferring Pokemon from one DS to the other.

    Edit: I tried doing the same with two DeSmeMu's and that didn't work either
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