how do i get 3d pixel racing working on emu nand

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    May 11, 2008
    my children really want to play this but i can't seem to get it to work, it just black screens all the time, i have tried with wiiflow, gx and cfg, my nands (europe and us) are both created with modmii.

    what settings wii allow me to get it to work??
    cheers in advance.
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    Oct 24, 2013
    Sorry to bump this old thread, but i've searched my ass off for the solution to this(here, other fora and google), and this was the most relevant

    Since it was unanswered i thought better to bump this one instead creating a new one myself

    I can also not start this game
    I dumped my NAND with usbloaderGX to SD, installed the .wad with ShowMiiWads, created an forwarder with wad2iso and transfered the forwarding-iso to my wbsf-partition on USB-HD but on the Wii i cannot start this game in either Wiiflow,usbloaderGX or CFG usbloader
    It just shows a black screen for a few seconds and boots back to the system menu

    I've played around with some settings although i have no clue what most of them do and also tried a wide variety of installed ios's

    My Wii is a softmodded 4.1U

    BTW i have other Wiiware installed using above method (except dumping a new NAND every time)
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    Mar 17, 2010
    You may have to run it on the regular NAND. However if you are worried about your kids messing things up you can make a forwarder to boot it directly from the system menu, alongside the forwarder to launch the emunand to load other games. If you are currently loading the emunand automatically using Priilloader or Bootmii you can just tell your kids to run the forwarder to play games.
    Emunand is still not perfect and not everything will work. Possibly it never will.
  4. Spruitje

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    Oct 24, 2013
    I finally got this game, and even many others working by switching my emunand from SD to HD

    Created fresh FAT32 partition, copied the nand folder, changed paths for emunand in wiiflow accordingly and now just load them from channel mode in wiiflow
    Iso forwarders not needed :)
  5. Hielkenator

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    Feb 7, 2010
    Just to let you know, USB loader gx can load games with a different ios slot if the the emunand is exploded on you hdd's root.
    This way you could use cios revs 17 and 19 installed in slot 247 and 248 for example.
    This can fix problematic games like bonsai barber wich is incompatible with d2xcios.

    I also found having the emunand in a different region than PAL will enable you to play NTSC Virtual console games. ( 60 fps ).
    This might also help compatibilty for some wiiware games like the club nintendo exclusives.