How do I flip the .fds roms to side B with Nesds supercard version

Discussion in 'Supercard' started by Senbei Norimaki, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Senbei Norimaki

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    Dec 10, 2012
    How do I do flip Famicom Disk system .fds roms to side B with the Supercard version of NesDS? Nesds 1.3a that I have on my Acekard has a shortcut option were I can create a hotkey to flip the disk. but this option isn't on the supercard version of Nesds. I also tried running Nesds 1.3a on my Supercard and it crashes on the second boot up.
  2. Nebuleon

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    Dec 22, 2012
    Is there a Supercard version of nesDS? I believe you have the same .nds for it as the Acekard, you just have an .ini and a .bmp beside it for the Supercard's menu. So it should work similarly.

    In any case, the Sourceforge page for nesDS shows the Famicom Disk System options in its screenshots, so maybe you just forgot where it was. Redownload nesds.nds from there just to make sure it's the latest version, get the Supercard plugin information and icon for it and extract everything into /_dstwoplug, then flip through the options in nesDS.

    Edit: The screenshot shows it's in Menu/Game/Extra/FDS, so you might not need to redownload things if the menu is already there.