How do I connect an official wired Xbox 360 controller to the Wii??

Discussion in 'Wii - Hardware, Devices and Utilities' started by DeadlyRevengexX, May 31, 2017.

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    I plugged the official Xbox 360 wired remote into the Wii above the usb port where my HDD is plugged into, to attempt to play in Nintendont and all it does is flash its green light. I heard there may be something like a driver that's in a .ini extension that I have to drag and drop in my harddrive but I looked through a list that I found online and nowhere did I find one that said "Xbox 360 wired controller"

    I'm pretty confused, because I KNOW that you can plug in a PS3 controller... so... what is the trick to get this working??

    (I would like to use it with my GBA and N64 emulator aswell, but Nintendont is prioprity numero uno... Gracias. lol)
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    Nintendont never added that feature and i don't think it will get added so unfortunately you have to buy an adapter/converter in order for xbox 360 controllers to work. If you don't mind using Devolution if works with wired xbox 360 controllers fine without the need for anything extra but devolution requires owning the original gamecube games to use it. Don't know reguarding the emulators.
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    Xbox controllers use XInput rather than standard USB HID messages so they don't work the same. :/ Devolution is the only thing that supports them as cvskid said.
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