Hacking How do I change an NDS file's attributes to be "archived?"


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Jul 30, 2021
United Kingdom
Using's Robz' Ntr forwarder I have managed to get Bomber man Land Touch (USA) on my 3ds! However, whenever I open up the game it keeps crashing on transitions (e,i title screen --> menu screen, or menu--> story mode).

At first I deleted my sav file using FBI - but that only got me a little further (before it crashed again)

I realised that BombermanLandTouch is the only game that in FBI which shows "Attributes : None" instead of attributes:archive.

Could this have something to do with why it was not working properly?

I have also come up with what could also be a problem.

On the root of my SD card - I have one "roms" folder and one "nds-games" folder -

Roms opens up to another folder called "ds" and within that are my nds roms and also a folder for saves.
But within "nds - games" is also the same roms and another folder for saves.

Could the ntr forwarder be struggling to choose which sav or something - whenever ntr bootstrap created a sav folder it is always in the "nds-games folder", but I still dont know why it is neccesary for me to have to folders with the same roms. I have a feeling that one of these folders is leftover from when I installed the ntr forwarder incorrectly? Should I delete one of these folders?

(Edit : I have now deleted the Roms folder and all the games till work fine!)

Thank you in advance, and sorry If i have been unclear or if this is the wrong place to post this!

Oh, btw Bomberman Land Touch 2 is working perfectly and i used the exact same method to get it one my 3DS - thats why I feel the whole "attributes:none" vs "attributes:archive" might have somethign to do with why it is not working as that is the only difference that I can see between them (and all of my other working games)
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