How do I autoboot the wii into USB loader GX?

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    I'm trying to use Priiloader to autoboot the USB loader dol file but it just keeps taking me to a black screen, plz help!
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    Install a forwarder dol, not the actual boot.dol for the USB loader app

    They may have one for download, if not, you can create one that will work using Modmii's forwarder creator (accessed via modmii classic's advanced downloads section). Either point it at the path, or point it at a pre-installed forwarder channel title id, modmii can build both kinds of forwarders (and URL forwarders, or forwarder ISOs, but neither of those really apply in this instance)
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    Installing the forwarder dol only makes update easier. The internal update function replace the dol on the SD card, and some of the path selection rely on where the dol is located on the device (sd or usb, etc.)
    having the dol installed on internal memory can create issues if it's the first time you launch the loader.

    Installing the forwarder dol is still not the best option, as the loader requires AHB Access, which is only granted by HBC or a channel. Priiloader doesn't provide necessary rights to the dol to work correctly.

    The proper way to launch the loader from boot is to go through the forwarder channel. have priiloader launch the channel, not the dol:

    - copy the UNEO Forwarder wad on SD
    - copy the "UNEO launcher for priiloader" dol on SD (extract the zip to get the dol)
    - Install the wad wih a wad manager
    - install the dol into priiloader's boot menu

    - copy/install the loader's dol on SD or usb (SD is recommended !! USB has init issue and is slower to mount)

    Another method, if you have Bootmii@boot2, is the bootmii mod to launch UNEO forwarder.
    instead of using priiloader to launch that channel, you use bootmii (which is run even before priiloader)
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  4. BoneCrunsher

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    Hi, Softmoded my Wii two days ago with the guide at groovypost.

    Every things work, but i want to boot to USBloader GX.

    I Have tried two evenings now reading guides and test many things but i cant get it to work, some settings in my Wii must be wrong.

    If i try to use Bootmii boot2 the Wii freeze ever time i get to the boot menu, the Wii always freeze when using Bootmii IOS. If i replace the ppcboot.elf in the bootmii folder with ppcboot.elf from bootmii mod it boots to blackscreen.

    When using priiloader way the UNEO Forwarder (USB Loader GX-UNEO_Forwarder_5_1_AHBPROT.wad) works fine.
    I put the unziped UNEO Channel Booter for Priiloader files in this path SD:\apps\UNEO Channel Booter for Priiloader\
    In Priiloader boot menu i cant find the uneoboot.dol under Load\Install File.
    If i click Installed File, and follow the instruction it freeze at the end att the countdown at 5s.

    Other things to know:
    Wad Manger 1.7 is not listed in homebrew channel, and if i start it another way i think it freezes, the music start but no connection to the wii remote.
    The Wii software version is 4.3E.
    I use USBLoaderGX r1271, HackMii Installer v1.2 (BootMii 1.5,The Homebrew Channel 1.1.2), NeoGamma R9 b56 MOD r4, Wii Mod 3.0 batch, Wii Mod 3.0, Snes9x GX, FCE Ultra GX

    Info from the Priiloader boot menu:
    IOS v80
    Systemmenu v514
    Priiloader v0.7 (r142)

    Info from Wii Mod 3.0:
    Current IOS:58 v6176
    AHBPROT Enabled
    Installed System Menu: System Menu 2.0
    Region: Europe
    Choose Version: NO
    Choose Required IOS: NO
    Choose Install source: NUS
    Fakesign Bug: NO
    EsIdentify: YES
    Flash access: NO
    NAND Permissions: YES
    Boot2: NO
    USB2 Tree: NO
    GetSysMenuVersion: YES

    Info from HackMii Installer 1.2:
    Using IOS versions: Installer: 58, HBC: 58
    Install BootMii as boot2
    Install BootMii as IOS
    Uninstall BootMii as IOS

    Pleas Help a NooB
  5. XFlak

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    Sep 12, 2009
    put the unziped UNEO Channel Booter for Priiloader dol file in the SD card root (I. E. SD:/boot_whatever_name.dol
  6. BoneCrunsher

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    Thank you, didnt find that in any guide i found.